Chico Independent Freecyclers

Chico Independent FreeCyclers is a local-area network of like-minded FreeCyclers, people and groups who believe in and support the concept of FreeCycling and other related concepts, like: Think Globally, Act Locally;   Reduce, Recycle, Reuse, FreeCycle!;   etc...

We are a completely independent organization / group, and are not officially or unofficially affiliated or associated with any other group, organization, or agency, of similar or dissimilar name, or who perform similar community services, charitable functions, and/or Earth-inhabitant benefits.

Fundamentally speaking, we will operate more or less according to the best of the policies and practices as suggested by, who we (mostly) support in cause, but not in implementation or operation. You can find the other, 'official' Chico-area group that freecyles via the link above.

CIF services the greater Chico area. This includes Oroville and Paradise (the tri-city area), Durham, and other outlying areas.


The CIF website is under construction, and when functioning, which will be in the very near future, you will be able to post items for freecycling, and wanted items, as well.



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